Hupadgh N'ghft

Insane Warforged Warlock


Lawful Evil Blade Warlock of the Great Old One
Has a glass Staff of Defense (from LMOP) and a Wand of Magic Missiles



Hupadgh is a mechanical construct humanoid who was awakened by a tinkerer and merchant. The merchant treated Hupadgh like a slave and Hupadgh was powerless to stop him as he was designed to obey. One day, however, a ancient and powerful being called the Great Cthulu touched Hupadgh’s mind and gave him free will and power. Cthulu also drove Hupadgh mad and gave him a bloodlust directed at anyone who had committed the smallest sin in his eyes. Soon thereafter, he murdered his merchant master for enslaving him. He spent some time after that as a bounty hunter and assassin, killing those he thought to be evil.

Also once traveled with Blosh, Vogun the …crusher, Don Victus, and Graddfa Gwyrdd. Together they helped Gundren Rockseeker reclaim the Lost Mine of Phandelver. During this time he met and befriended a nothic who would later become important in his life.

After his time adventuring, Hupadgh found out that the nothic he knew was likely a former mage and encouraged it to use his wish to regain his form. It did so, regaining a human form and memories, though still insane. He introduced himself as an archmage named Hamun Kost who had been turned into a nothic over a thousand years ago. He then formed a partnership with Hupadgh, slowly regaining his former power by collecting magic items, charming people, and building a tower. After this, Hupadgh acted as Hamun’s vassal, kidnapping those who would not be missed and bringing them back to the tower for Hamun to engage in horrific experiments on them. In doing this, Cthulu was pleased with Hupadagh.



Homicidal, Threatening, Sarcastic


Purity: Those who commit even the slightest evil are deserving of death


Often unable to suppress his urges and thoughts

Hupadgh N'ghft

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