Gundren Rockseeker

Dwarven Prospector


Hill Dwarven Commoner

Has Guantlets of Ogre Power (though he doesn’t use them)


A Dwarven prospector who discovered the Lost Mine of Phandelver with his brothers Nundro and Tharden. Unfortunately, the drow mage called the Black Spider learned of their discovery and attempted to kill the brothers. Nundro and Gundren escaped alive with the help of a party of adventurers ( Blosh, Vogun the …crusher, Don Victus, Hupadgh N’ghft, and Graddfa Gwyrdd), but Tharden was killed by Black Spider’s minions. After Black Spider and his network was destroyed, Gundren and Nundro turned the mine into a successful business. At one point, however, a mage that had once met Gundren in the form of a nothic returned and charmed Gundren into providing a stream of magical items for mysterious and possibly nefarious reasons.

Gundren Rockseeker

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